Craftable skins and new SHRAP staking system part of Shrapnel’s next playtest

Ahead of its upcoming STX3 playtest, PC first-person extraction shooter Shrapnel has unveiled numerous new gameplay features.

Spanning across three days, the STX3 playtest will start 23rd May and end on 26th. For the first time the event will run continuously for the entire 72-hour event.

One of the most anticipated features being introduced is the ability to craft weapon skins. Players can collect different fragments which can be combined to create a skin, using three unique fragments of the same rarity. These fragments can be obtained through gameplay and are then tradable on the in-game marketplace. 

Moreover, the 1 million SHRAP prize pool will be distributed based on missions instead of ranking on the leaderboard. Completed in-game missions such as reaching a certain number of kills, extracting fragments, and crafting, will be rewarded with SHRAP and weapons skins.

In related news, Shrapnel-developer Neon Machine recently announced it’s integrated a new feature that enables players to get SHRAP tokens directly via its website using credit/debit cards instead of purchasing through an exchange.

In conjunction with the playtest, a new rewards system called Enlistment, will also be introduced. Enlistment allows players to earn off-chain METAL points, which will provide future in-game utility, for locking SHRAP tokens to Shrapnel’s subnet. Despite being locked, SHRAP can still be used in-game to buy and craft skins or other items through the in-game marketplace. 

Neon Machine CEO Mark Long commented, “The ability to craft unique skins and the introduction of Enlistment, our innovative SHRAP staking system, offer exciting new ways for players to personalize their experience and be rewarded for their investment in the Shrapnel ecosystem. We are committed to creating a truly immersive and engaging Web3 world for our players, and STX3 is another step forward in achieving that vision.” 

Discover more about Sharpnel and how the game is coming along in our recent interview with Neon Machine head of studio Don Norbury.

Stay up-to-date on Shrapnel via its website and X account.

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