CryptoKitties’ total transactions hits $25 million

As the current #1 blockchain game in terms of sustained volume and value, there’s always interest in any data from CryptoKitties.

The latest snippet – from VentureBeat – says that more than $25 million has been transacted in the game since its December 2017 launch.

Apparently more than 1.5 million Ethereum wallets have interacted with the game, and 75,000 kitties have been bought from developer Axiom Zen, from a total of 800,000 created.

Buyers and sellers

Other data (albeit from early May) from DappClap claims 66,811 players had then bought kitties, of which 11,411 players just bought one kitty and haven’t sold it.

the most active buyer bought 2,318 kitties, while the most active seller sold 6,619 kitties.

More generally, only 25,248 players have sold kitties so most are holding onto their assets.

And demonstrating the extremes of behavior, the most active buyer bought 2,318 kitties, while the most active seller sold 6,619 kitties.

Quite how these two pieces of data add up isn’t clear but DappClap points out the seller could have been breeding kitties on an industrial scale (or be the trading account for a group of active players).

Interestingly, 27% of players who bought at least one kitty are estimated to have made a profit, although that’s depressing for the other 73%.

Of course, the issue of whether CryptoKitties is as good as it gets for blockchain gaming remains an ever present one, especially as the KittyVerse ecosystem, which encourages other game developers to use CryptoKitties as a de facto platform, continues to gain momentum.

You can see CryptoKitties’ Benny Giang talking about the game and its wider culture at Blockchain Gamer Connects San Francisco 2018 below.

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