Blockchain casino for emerging markets Host Games raises $2 million

Probability is a difficult enough concept to get your head around without worrying if the deck is secretly stacked against you.

It’s an issue of gamers when it comes to loot boxes, but the fear of being ripped off is another level of magnitude when it comes to online casinos.

we can provide players with fair gameplay mechanics and the assurance that their money is protected.

Amit Kanodia CEO, Host Games

But that’s something Host Games is looking to deal with.

Labeled as the “casino gaming protocol for emerging markets”, the Malta-based company has announced it’s reached its $2 million soft cap in its private pre-sale for strategic investors.

That will fund its initial plans to develop an Ethereum-based platform that will enable anyone to host their own online fantasy sports, poker, slots and roulette games. Further down the line, Host Games expects to develop its own peer-to-peer focused blockchain to provide a higher level of flexibility for the distributed apps it hopes to launch.

Host Games and the level playing field

“For players, it’s incredibly difficult to differentiate between which online sites are safe, especially when more than one million fake gaming websites are being created each month,” commented CEO Amit Kanodia.

“To reduce (and hopefully eliminate) this risk, we’re bringing online casino gaming on the blockchain so that we can provide players with fair gameplay mechanics and the assurance that their money is protected, even before they place their first bet.”

You can find out more by reading Host Games’ light paper.

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