EMONT Alliance: giving developers an easier route into blockchain gaming

It’s an understatement to say that there’s a lot of money in gaming.

And while the mainstream gaming world is a consistently profitable industry for developers, blockchain is one of those innovations that have a hard time connecting with the mainstream and vice versa.

One of the ways in which matters can be simplified is by offering a straightforward way of implementing blockchain for developers, much like EMONT Alliance intends to do.

In a Medium post, the EMONT team highlighted the growing significance of blockchain technology, positioning EMONT as a prospective force to empower mass adoption.

“While blockchain is still in its nascent phase, it has the potential to bring great impact to gaming, with huge opportunities for growth.”


For developers that are interested in applying blockchain for their future game/s, as an ecosystem, EMONT seeks to offer developers:

  •  Software Development Kit (SDK): Studios can quickly deploy blockchain-games with smart contract capabilities from EMONT Alliance. The SDK is targeted for release in 2019.

  • EMONT ­­­Alliance’s marketing resources: Community engagement, marketing channels and partnerships can be employed to expand audience reach.

  • EMONT tokens: Game studios can distribute EMONT (an ERC-20 token designed for Etheremon and other games in EMONT Alliance) as a reward to attract players.

Currently, this ecosystem consists of Etheremon and MyCryptoHeroes.

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