Alto Cryptogame Challenge – And the winner is…

It’s been a long road for the competitors of Alto’s Cryptogame Challenge.

Starting off with 30 different applications to take part, they were brought from that to just 5 competitors, all of which came to Blockchain Gamer Connects with unique game concepts.

The prize for the respective teams? Up to $70,000 worth of rewards, with runner’s up walking away with $10-20,000 in cash and Alto Coin.

On the final day of Blockchain Gamer Connects Helsinki, Alto’s chairman, and co-founder, Gabby Dizon announced the winners of the challenge.

Alto Cryptogame Challenge – The places

Runner-up – BrainFunc (Biohackers)

With the game ‘BrainFunc’ styled as an anatomically accurate game centered around neurology, the Biohackers team has been ambitious in its approach towards the challenge.

Headed, and manned by Tejas Nikumbh, the founder of Biohackers, and developer of the game, it successfully walked away with the prize of $10,000 in cash and Alto Coin.


Second Place – Kiokumushi (Treasure Dungeon)

With a team of four, Kiokumushi has had some experience with utilizing blockchain in the past, working on the challenge, while also developing ‘Memory Insects’, a blockchain-based breeding game.

and has managed to take second place in the cryptogame challenge with their contribution – Treasure Dungeon.

Kiokumushi takes second, and with it, the prize of $20,000 in cash and Alto Coin.

The Winner – CodeGlue (Crown of Carnage)

While known for titles like Rocket Riot, Terraria, and more recently, Four Pillars of the Antegods, Codeglue has had little experience when it comes to applying blockchain technology to games, but it’s a challenge it’s certainly risen to, according to Peter De Jong, the company’s co-founder.

Its game, Crown of Carnage, started its life as an idea during a pitching session, and it’s one that Codeglue ran with, incorporating blockchain for its various cards and items.

The spells also require balancing when playing with other players, in order to work together effectively and gain control over the crown.

Codeglue walks away with the grand prize: $40,000 in cash and Alto coin, as well as $30,000 in marketing support in order to launch its own Initial Item Offering for its game.

Honourable mentions

While congratulations go to the winners of the cryptogame challenge, it proved a challenging feat when it came to judging the competitors. All five came to the contest with unique ideas and applications for blockchain and the Alto platform.

Frank Duffner – Loot Hunt

Eloquently summarized as ‘Pokémon Go meets Hearthstone’, Loot Hunt provided a unique mixture of Augmented Reality, trading cards, and strategy.

Along with AR and combat, Loot Hunt provides players with the opportunity to team up and take down higher level monsters and bosses, earning their fair share of the loot in the process.



Ugarsoft – CryptoBarons

Taking inspiration from the likes of Age of Empires, and Clash of Clans, Ugarsoft put together a team of Nigerian and Finnish designers to create CryptoBarons.

Being a balance between a multiplayer and strategy game, with players being able to mine gold, train up soldiers and invade their rivals.


A hearty congratulations to all teams involved, and it demonstrates a remarkable level of innovation that dwells in the world of blockchain gaming.

The next Pocket Gamer Connects will be in London on January 21st and 22nd 2019.

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