Terra Virtua x Wax: Show off your skins collection in your own hangar

For users of WAX and OPSkins, getting weapon skins can be rewarding in a number of ways.

Whether it’s buying them with the hope of selling them on at a higher price or creating your own collection, there’s reward for the effort. But imagine being able to see your collection in a fully rendered virtual environment.

Well, that’s what Terra Virtua intends to bring to the table in its current partnership with WAX, as the latter announced this week.

Any item from the WAX marketplace that’s also supported by Terra Virtua can be rendered within the game, and stored in a player’s dedicated WAX hangar.

Depending on how small or expansive the player’s collection, the hangar is fully customizable to accommodate the player’s decorative approach.

For more information about this update, visit the Medium post.

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