Dragonereum is rewarding players with Dragon Eggs in its new competition

Players involved in the game Dragonereum may have already heard all they’d need to hear from the team. But for those that are unfamiliar, the game has stressed that those interested should get involved with its genesis.

Reason being that the game’s developers will be giving away dragon eggs for free for those that take part in its competition.

The competition itself is a relatively easy one upon first glance but comes with an interesting caveat; a GAS auction.

How it works is that users will connect their Metamask account to the game, select your chosen egg and set a GAS price. The goal of this is to find the right price in order to outbid rival bidders on the same egg.

Much like any kind of auction, this price is editable at any time, meaning that players can go back at any time to update their bid.

So what makes these eggs so special? Much like other genesis lines of digital assets, there are a limited number of them, 10,000 to be exact.

To find out more about the contest, and for more information about Dragonereum, visit its Medium and website.

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