Crypto-Crisis brings down Lordmancer II

Lordmancer II, throughout its production, has been nothing short of highly communicative. From periodic updates that went out to its community, to previews of new features. Sounds like all of these habits would translate to a successful release right? Well…

As we find out from the development team, its continued production faced some challenges. According to the team, while publishers observe the use of cryptocurrency with intrigue, actually applying it themselves remains out of the question.

“Some of them show their interest in the blockchain technology, but not one is ready to use cryptocurrency in a game.”

As a result, marketing proved to be a distinct challenge for the team. And while the game had successfully managed to obtain 40k downloads, a larger audience and effective marketing allude it.

Losses by ICO

The ICO proved to be both the maker and breaker for the game. While it managed to raise $1 million to finance development and marketing, continuing to hold it in ETH proved to be a bad idea.

The bad idea, in particular, was the optimism held by the team about the crypto market.

“We were too optimistic about the crypto market and hoped for the better. Obviously, we should have sold Ether right away in January, but we didn’t.”

As we all know now about the cryptocurrency market in retrospect, the best thing to have done was to cash out.

Offloaded by Onboarding

Another challenge that the team faced was the uphill stuggle it encountered with streamlining the experience. One problem that crept up was the fact that, while marketing drew in more than 40k users, the gameplay filtered out a large number of these exact same people.

“[While] we see positive changes, but they are not enough. We still lose most of the players on their second day in the game.”

This resulted in a large volume of updates in order to get to the bottom of this challenge of onboarding. According to the team, while these changes did improve retention to a certain extent, none of it provided a significant enough of an answer to solve the problem.

So what does this mean?

The news, overall, isn’t looking good for the team. Far from seeking more workarounds to solve the issue, servers will undergo some steady shuttering:

“Now we have to put all development work on hold. We will keep the game servers running as long as we can, you can still use Lord Coins inside the game while it is online, but we can’t do any significant improvements anymore,” the team continues.

“In fact, we will have to shut down the game servers in a few months time.”

Overall, things are not looking good for the Lordmancer II project.

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