Zombie Battleground debuts its alpha on iOS and Google Play

It hasn’t been too long since Zombie Battleground made its debut on Kickstarter. All before going on to more than exceed its original funding goal before releasing its alpha.

The developers have now officially released a version of the game for mobile platforms. While this only consists of Google Play, Android and iOS, the team intends to make it available across mobile platforms and on PC.

For the moment, this release consists of the alpha version that was made available to backers of its Kickstarter.

It was only over January that this had moved from a closed to open alpha.

As an alpha, there are still plenty of updates to come, including ranked battles, card-based rewards for winning battles and the marketplace.

While the timeline for completion of these features is as yet unknown, there’s still plenty to play within the alpha.

How will Loom do?

While in closed alpha, Zombie Battleground steadily introduced its game to backers around the same time as CryptoWars. For the latter, the Loom network was put under some serious strain from high traffic and village production.

With the roll-out of the former’s open alpha, we’ll likely see how effective Loom network can scale to accommodate these two games.

For more information about Zombie Battleground, visit the website.

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