Axie Infinity officially begins its land sale

Axie Infinity is selling off creatures and land with its upcoming land sale. In a newer addition to the game, Axie Infinity introduces players to the tokenized world of Lunacia.

For players, it’s an opportunity to buy tiles of land that can benefit the leveling and development of new Axies.

Each tile of ‘terra’ allows for a certain degree of customization, allowing players to monetize it with shops, even as a way to train and co-operate with other players, such as hosting portals to Chimera bosses as well as dungeons.

Different patches of land also have the potential to be used for extracting resources. All of which can be sold or used within the game. Axie Infinity’s Terrarium sale is due to start on Monday 21st January.


Along with being able to buy and work patches of land for resources. Players will be able to generate their own content through what the developers are calling ‘wormholes.’

“In addition, Independent developers, content creators, and companies will be able to seamlessly build on top of Lunacia using clickable wormholes as a launchpad for this content. The possibilities are infinite!”

The previously mentioned Chimeras can also appear at spawn points within a players owned land.

Far from just being a nuisance, players can collaborate with others in defeating these creatures. Earning exclusive resources and items in the process.

These plots of land operate in a way that the player decides. With each purchased plot capable of being upgraded to serve another purpose; such as a Battle Tent for training, or a Food / Potion Shop for in-battle items.

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