Esports organization Splyce teams up with digital marketplace Globatalent

The esports community has been steadily growing over the last few years. As it grows to become a multi-billion dollar industry, blockchain technology is taking on a unique relationship with it. One such example of these include partnerships between marketplaces and teams, the latest being between Splyce and Globatalent.

For those otherwise uninitiated, Splyce is an esports company based out of North America. In the past, it’s fielded teams to compete in matches for Halo, League of Legends, Call Of Duty among others.

Upon closer observation of Globatalent, the partnership makes sense, especially considering Globatalent revolves around the buying, selling and trade of digital assets to support esports teams. For right now, users get exposure to fundraising campaigns through the medium of token sales.

The partnership was initially announced by the Splyce team, but they left details vague, so it remains to be seen what this entails.

“Splyce will become official supporters and join a long list of famous athletes, clubs and events that have pledged their belief into the Globatalent project,” reads Globatalent’s website. “Splyce are a tier 1 eSports organization who boast a roster of some of the world’s greatest gamers from the USA, Great Britain and South Korea.”

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