Exoplanets and Rya gear up for its ‘Epic Mining Contest’

Exoplanets has been working to bring the rush of competition to interstellar mining. One of the more recent ways it plans to do this is through a collaborative competition alongside Rya Coin. Between the two, Exoplanets will be hosting a 24hr mining contest starting on Sunday, 27th January.

For more context, Rya Coin is a cryptocurrency which uses a tethering system to prevent price volatility.

Contestants will be competing in order to extract as many minerals as possible throughout the competition.

While this will be divided into rounds, the winner will be the one that has extracted the most minerals across all rounds.

Whoever that is will win an airdrop of 50,000 RyaCoins, which currently equals $220.

For more information about ExoPlanets and Rya Coin, visit the respective websites.

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