BoxSwap introduces new digital wallet for traders

Trading, buying and selling Non Fungible Tokens is not without its challenges and limitations. Projects out there such as BoxSwap attempt to simplify the process of trading items across games. Recently, the project announced its newest digital asset wallet, giving users an easier time of organizing their assets and trading.

Managing assets and collections

One of the issues that users can face is arranging your NFTs in some kind of order. BoxSwap’s wallet operates and looks more like a digital asset portfolio than a wallet, but that’s a positive feature.

Items within a users wallet are placed into specific game categories, each with a corresponding value. Meaning that users will be able to quickly sum up the value of their assets.

It also allows for the quick and straightforward transfer of various items over to other addresses and games.

Wrapped and unwrapped ETH and buying tokens

While the digital wallet needs the external Metamask for this feature. The inclusion of wrapping and unwrapping for Ethereum is available for users of the wallet.

This feature runs alongside the ability to buy and sell ERC20 tokens within the wallet too.

For more information about BoxSwap and its new digital wallet, visit the website.

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