Dragonglass officially announces the closure of its ICO on March 11th

“When one door closes, numerous possibilities open,” as Confucius wrote. It appears to be a piece of advice that the Dragonglass team has bore in mind when thinking about its Initial Coin Offering. The company has since announced that it will officially be closing its ICO on March 11th.

This news comes after a long period of deliberation, both within the team itself, and its wider community.

The gaming company had initially opened the ICO in 2017, with the hope of achieving either its soft, or hard cap.

Since then, Dragonglass has become a highly influential name within the blockchain gaming space. The company’s CEO, Gleb Skibitsky reminisces about the influence the company has had on drawing in brand new gamers.

“I am happy that our game became an entry point into the decentralized world for many people,” Skibitsky continues.

“We were speaking to them, improving the manuals, the game and everything that was running under the hood, to make the process as smooth as possible.”

It is an understandable measure to take, considering the downturn that the cryptocurrency market has undergone.

As well as the early challenges that the Dragonglass team experienced when marketing the ICO.

“We launched our ICO in February and for a few months. And then in April/May, when Facebook and Google and other major platforms began banning advertisements for ICOs.”

From closed doors, to new horizons

While this means the end of its ICO, Skibitsky and company have been working hard to secure new avenues of investment. These include a range of prospects, such as its ongoing Crypto Bundle sale, as well as Private / Venture Capital investment.

In an interview with Skibitsky in November, the Dragonglass team had been moving towards private investment.

“Currently, we’re in the process of looking for private investors. So we’ve been busy with both investment and development.”

We sincerely hope to see more from the Dragonglass team as 2019 progresses.

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