Flappy Bird to make a return thanks to EOS

While being known as one of the more frustrating games to arrive on iOS, Flappy bird has returned. It should be stated that this is more a spiritual successor than an official one, this version is fully backed by EOS. In order to take part, players will need to download and login to their Scatter Wallet.

While the iOS version allowed for an infinite number of (frustrating) attempts, EOS Flappy Bird is different. The game itself consists of individual rounds, each lasting 12 hours, with the object of the game being to get the highest score.

The upside to obtaining a high score is that top performers will be rewarded with dividends which are paid out every round. The amount that these dividends come up to does depend on the number of users and transactions, however. And considering that the game has had a total of 116 transactions over the last 7 days, these dividends will be pretty minute for the moment.

Check out the game by visiting the website.

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