Etheremon – 50,000 Mons captured, and new updates

Etheremon has been coming along leaps and bounds from last year, whether that’s updates to the game or player activity. Both of which we’re seeing more of as we delve deeper into March, according to the team. According to them, players have been responsible for capturing more than 50,000 Mon.

In order to more effectively accommodate this feverish activity, the team has revealed its new Mon-based encyclopedia.

This MonDex allows players to search the various kinds of creatures based around their type, level, and forms.

One of the elements that give this encyclopedia more flexibility is that it’s set up to work in conjunction with the adventure sites.

The World and Match Tournaments

Players have got some particular updates to look forward to on the 7th and 8th March.

The team has announced that it will be revealing the world map for Etheremon on the 7th, allowing players to get a better grasp of how expansive the game world will be.

While initially intending to launch this simultaneously with another update, the team decided to split this off from the other addition to the game. The second launch is one of the very first ranked match events to come to the platform.

Beginning on Friday 8th March, this world tournament will be structured as a king of the hill style event. Players having to battle opponents in order to hold onto the top ranking until the event finishes.

The Etheremon team didn’t go so far as to specify some of the broader details, but it’s likely it will be disclosing these in the near future.

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