My Crypto Heroes – New heroes and progress report

While it’s land sale is ongoing, My Crypto Heroes has introduced some new heroes to the game. In total, the team has announced three in total, in descending order of rarity.

Each of these new heroes will be placed on the marketplace as of 12th March until 26th. Much like with the games other heroes, each will be sold on a Dutch Auction style, with the value increasing each time one is sold.

Land Sale – an update

So far, the presale that has been underway for land within the My Crypto Heroes world has been going well. According to the team, between both the pre-sale and its crowdsale, it has managed to raise over 5,000 ETH so far.

In total, this equates to 682,000 USD, demonstrating just how enamored both players and investors are in this land system.

For more information on My Crypto Heroes, visit the website.

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