Decentraland announces the winners of its recent hackathon

Since the release of version 5 of its SDK, Decentraland has been intent upon putting it into the hands of users. And what better way to do that than by hosting a hackathon for users to put it to the test.

To give v.5 some context, the Decentraland team intended to really capitalize on improving UX for the user.

Doing this, while also making use of an Entity Component System (ECS) architecture, the limits of creativity removed, or at least made more boundless than before.

For the team, the hackathon was an impressive display of what the SDK could do. With competitors creating a wide range of environments, including fully functional machines.

The top two contenders, that also tied for first place, included a fully functioning slot machine, and a kitchen-style game and map.

For the development team, the hackathon has helped demonstrate the kind of creativity of its user-base, while providing some useful information on how it can improve the formula for v5.1.

For more information about Decentraland, visit the website.

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