Cocos-BCX has launched its Terminal

Cocos-BCX's Terminal is geared towards giving developers more autonomy in their games.

Along with showcasing it during Blockchain Games Next, Cocos-BCX has officially launched its Terminal this week. What exactly this Terminal refers to is an all-in-one platform, combining a web wallet, a block monitor, a DApp store, a game props trading platform.

The inclusion of this Terminal system provides a wide range of additional features, according to the Cocos team. For developers, its release includes some of the following.

  • Multiple easy log-in modes for users, even for non-crypto users.
  • A web wallet supporting balance checking and asset transfer, showing all assets value equivalent in Cocos token.
  • Fully transparent on chain real-time statistics, including details of transactions and contracts executed by user and details of all contracts executed on Cocos chain.
  • Wallet management with three different authority levels of the same user account.
  • A DApp store with a number of recommended games already live or to be expected on Cocos-BCX testnet.
  • Game asset trading platform where the user can sell & buy game assets.
  • blacksmith feature within Asset Management which allows the user to create their own game assets using custom templates.

Find out more about the Cocos Terminal through the instructional video here.

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