Taking blockchain gaming mainstream: advice from an expert panel [video]

Welcome to another of our exclusive video advice panels. What does it mean when blockchain games go mainstream? How do developers handle the accessibility of play-to-earn concepts and make this easily understandable to the mass market audience? Discover these topics and more in this panel from the 2021 online conference PG Connects Digital #7 on taking blockchain gaming mainstream: advice from an expert panel

Blockchain and revenue advice

In this video Philipp Zupke (Naavik), Dirk Lueth (Uplandme), Sebastien Borget (The Sandbox) and Aly Madhavji (Blockchain Founders Fund) talk about their own projects that aim to bring blockchain gaming to mainstream audiences. They discuss how play-to-earn games have a different entertainment value from other games. And they consider how bringing these two together can truly make blockchain gaming mainstream. The panel is moderated by veteran journalist Jon Jordan.

They also touch upon the different revenue models that blockchain games have. For example, if players can use Fortnite assets and bring them into a different game, will this new game then benefit from products they didn’t make themselves? Also, will this kind of revenue model poach players from one game into another?

On the other hand, this scenario can also increase the utility of that particular NFT. Companies can then gain more revenue from royalties than from the primary sale. Users will also tend to spend more when they know they can move their assets across different spaces.

On the challenges of taking blockchain mainstream

Of course, as blockchain gaming becomes more mainstream, this opens up not just revenue opportunities but also dangers for players of all ages. Younger gamers will also be exposed to these play-to-earn models, and companies may fall into the trap of gambling.

As operators, developers try to avoid gambling (users must be 18 to play), but they can’t control communities that do that themselves. It’s important, then, for companies to educate players on the currencies and the NFTs within games. Regulations must be put in place to protect users and prevent abuse.

Towards the end of the session, the panel stresses that NFT successes don’t happen overnight. Companies build the product, nurture the community and prove interest first. Most of all, the gameplay must be fun for players to engage in it.

This one-hour conference panel is intended for anyone seeking to understand the mass market opportunities of blockchain gaming. It’s also a great watch for anyone who’s eager to know about the outlook of NFTs and how developers can move their blockchain-based games forward in the long run.

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