Building blockchain games for the masses, with Venly’s Yan Ketelers [video]

What are the different challenges developers face when it comes to making blockchain games mainstream? What are the possible solutions to bringing NFTs to the masses? Dive into these questions and more in this session from the live conference Pocket Gamer Connects London 2022 where Venly CMO Yan Ketelers shares his views and more.

Blockchain games and their pros

At the live conference Pocket Gamer Connects London 2022 (January 2022), Yan Ketelers (Venly) addresses what NFTs and blockchain games actually do for the industry. NFTs, for instance, are a great way to raise capital via Tokens. They also create more economic value not just for publishers but for gamers as well.

He also sheds some light on how blockchain games offer a shift in ownership for gamers today. With NFTs, players can go from renting assets to owning assets, which simply makes more sense especially when compared to physical assets in real life.

Not just for crypto-natives

Ketelers then discusses what still needs to be done to bring blockchain games to the masses. The first and most important hurdle to overcome is education. Players must be educated to avoid any negative connotations and misconceptions. Developers should also know when to use blockchain. In particular, you don’t need to use blockchain elements in every single aspect of your game.

Ketelers further shares his insights on how to adopt not just for crypto-natives. He stresses the need for things like a legal framework, interoperable assets, open metaverses and better onboarding experiences.

Toward the end of the session, he discusses how Venly can help with its various tools, programs and services. He introduces the MetaRing interoperable asset as well, and what it can do to bring blockchain gaming one step closer to the masses.

This 20-minute talk is ideal for anyone who’s eager to know about the outlook of blockchain games going mainstream for the masses in the future. You can see conference panels like this in person by attending our upcoming partner events.