Discussing asset ownership in blockchain games [video]

For players, what is the main benefit of playing blockchain games? And what does asset ownership in web3 gaming mean? Dive into these questions and more in this session from the live conference Pocket Gamer Connects London 2023 where a panel of experts shares their views.

What does asset ownership mean?

At Pocket Gamer Connects London 2023, Flavien Defraire, director of Global Development from the Blockchain Game Alliance, Raphael Gauthier, CEO at Boons Media and Oasis, and Liam Bacon, co-founder and CEO at Litoja Labs (Aradena), discuss what actual asset ownership in blockchain games mean. They begin the fireside chat with a quick intro of their companies, then proceed to talk about the challenges that surround web3 gaming.

For instance, playing blockchain games can be expensive and the process to rent NFTs can be complicated. It’s also a challenge to communicate to gamers the nature of asset ownership.

The popularity of blockchain TCGs

The panel also sheds light on why blockchain Trading Card Games make sense. With TCGs, players can trade not just for monetisation but also for strategic options, with web3 technology creating trust and security.

Toward the end of the session, the panel offers more insights on how entertainment within a web3 game can be an investment. This leads to creating jobs and decentralised economies, new business models, entrepreneurship and more.

This 20-minute talk is ideal for anyone who’s eager to know more about the importance of asset ownership in web3 games and what it means. You can see conference panels like this in person by attending our upcoming partner events.

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