What is TVT?

Token: TVT
Blockchain: Ethereum
Standard: ERC20
Company: Terra Virtua
Total supply: 1,200 million
Status: Pre-public ICO
Price: $1 = 12.5 TVT
Soft cap: $5 million
Hard cap: $29 million
Token Sale %: 66%
Live market: TBA

Terra (or TVT) is the underlying ERC20 token powering the forthcoming VR entertainment platform Terra Virtua.

The platform itself will be a Netflix-style subscription service but additional services will require gamers to use TVT.

Terra Virtua's public ICO for TVT has a soft cap of $5 million and a hard cap of $29 million

Examples of this include the purchase (and exchange) of in-game items, skins for Terra Virtua’s Vflect avatars, and access to premium zones and events such as tournaments and esports matches.

As well as buying it, users will be able to earn TVT through the usual methods such as affiliate links and interacting with in-platform advertising.

Terra Virtua also hopes to encourage a strong community of creators via its Unreal-based creation tools. It will be possible for creators to monetize this activity using TVT.

Of course, given Terra Virtua acts as a discovery method and app store, professional game developers will also be paid in TVT.

Raising capital

In terms of funding the project from its current alpha state to commercial deployment in late 2018, Terra Virtua expects to sell two-thirds of the total supply of 1,200 million TVT tokens through is current pre-sale private ICO and the subsequent public ICO. Unsold tokens will be burnt.

In terms of the public ICO, the soft cap is set at $5 million with the hard cap at $29 million. Each TVT will be priced at $0.08

Proceeds will be allocated as detailed below

You can find out more about TVT and Terra Virtua via the company’s website.

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