june, 2018

29junalldayDisrupting Gaming with Blockchain - Super Game Chain and NebulasJoin us for an evening of fun, booze, token airdrop and some serious game pitching and paneling! Food and drinks free!645 Howard Street, 645 Howard St San Francisco, CA 94105 USA


Event Details

Join us for an evening of fun, booze, token airdrop and some serious game pitching and paneling! Food and drinks free!

This event will focus on discussing the applications of blockchain in games, the future direction of blockchain games, the most strategic and exciting games currently out in the market, and way more!


Aram Hami, Community Manager of Super Game Chain


Jackie Lim, Nebulas Director of Business Development, Blockchain Expert & Advisor

Nicole Lazzaro, CEO of XEOPlay, Founder of “Follow The White Rabbit” VR Adventure Game & Blockchain Expert

Paulina Shafir, Lucid Sight Community Manager, Blockchain & Gaming Expert

Toni Xu, CEO of Super Game Chain


6:00 PM – Sign in and networking!
6:30 PM – Panel Discussion
7:15 PM – Game Pitching
7:30 PM – Networking
8:00 PM – Closing

Aram Hami is the Community Manager of Super Game Chain and blockchain enthusiast. He has co-owned and ran a private RuneScape gaming community with over 250,000 registered forum members and 2,000 active players on the server 24/7. He’s worked for organizations across California to create fundraisers and events, and has a passion for blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

Toni Xu is the CEO of Super Game Chain. She graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a master’s degree and a Distinct Graduate Award. She developed and published many apps and games tops the leaderboards with tens of millions of users. She copublished Facebook Game of the Year: Wartune, which led 4 publishers to go public. To give everyone an identity and feel of belonging in the digital world that’s connected to the physical world is her dream, and she’s embracing any new technology to pursue this vision. She wants to see Super Game Chain as the destination platform and chain for gamers alike worldwide.

Jackie is the Director of BD for Nebulas and is an experienced blockchain/crypto advisor for multiple budding blockchain projects, experienced in developing, coordinating and implementing strategic plans designed to increase existing business and capture new opportunities with existing and potential partners. Holds a honours degree from Singapore National University, majored in Project Management and minored in Technopreneurship (Tsinghua University).

Nicole Lazzaro is the Founder & President of XEODesign, Inc and creator of VR game “Follow The White Rabbit”, has twenty years expertise in Player Experience Design (PXD) for mass-market entertainment products and is a blockchain expert. Widely recognized as one of the top women working in video games and a pioneering, Fast Company considers Nicole one of the 100 most influential women in high tech, and Gamasutra voted her one of the Top 20 women working in video games.

Paulina Shafir is the Community & Marketing Manager for Lucid Sight, effective, multi-dimensional marketing professional with a proven track record in digital marketing and a passion for social media growth. Heavily interested in Blockchain, Broadcast TV/Radio, Documentary Film Production, and Reporting.

Super Game Chain (SGC) aims to provide the ultimate Blockchain solution for the gaming ecosystem. SGC protocol will help developers raise fund, acquire users, and generate consistent revenue with the latest blockchain technology. SGC client will help gamers establish their gamer identity, invest and connect with developers without third-party in-between.

Telegram: http://t.me/sgchain
Twitter: https://twitter.com/supergamechain

Nebulas is a forward-thinking public blockchain striving for a constantly optimized ecosystem. Based on an open and transparent ranking algorithm, “Nebulas Rank”, Nebulas evaluates the meaning behind blockchain addresses, smart contracts, and DApps, to help users find valuable information more efficiently in a world with booming blockchain data.



All Day (Friday)


645 Howard Street

645 Howard St San Francisco, CA 94105 USA

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