Reality Clash brings augmented reality to BLMP

Augmented Reality comes to BLMP

BLMP is getting its name out as a marketplace for blockchain companies.

Among them, Reality Clash recently announced a partnership with BLMP via Twitter.

The company represents one of the first augmented reality platforms on blockchain to join BLMP, giving it access to a digital and financial ecosystem to support their ongoing funding and development.

About Reality Clash

With its successful ICO earning it $3.5 million in 2017, Reality Clash is an early example of an augmented reality, blockchain game on a mobile phone.

While its full game is scheduled for release in late 2018, its armoury opened in March, with players being able to buy and sell in-game weapons with RCC Tokens, Reality Clash’s in-platform currency.

Partnering with BLMP means that Reality Clash will be able to work on the development of its trading platform and the full game scheduled for Q4 of 2018.

Users can expect to see a far broader marketplace from Reality Clash while introducing them to a broader community of gamers.

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