Which blockchain games companies have raised the most investment?

Given the news esports community outfit ChiliZ has just raised $65 million, I thought it an opportune moment to dig deeper into how the wider blockchain games sector compared.

So going back through the archives, I’ve attempted to come up with a top 10 ranking, as below.

The biggest ICO raise in term of absolute crypto was the 465,312 ETH taken by Firstblood back in 2016

But, before we get into the details, some caveats.

This data is all publicly available and when possible combines the usual VC equity rounds alongside ICOs, both private and public.

Of course, when it come to ICOs the dollar value of a raise is totally dependent on the price of the base cryptocurrency at the time. Not to forget all the limitations of if and when companies can actually cash out their ICO crypto into fiat.

Notably on that basis, the biggest ICO raise by a game company was the 465,312 ETH taken by esports gaming company Firstblood back in 2016. At the time, it was valued at $6 million, but at Ether’s peak it was ‘worth’ almost $640 million.

Hence, the following graph is perhaps better view as a guide that the absolute truth. Please feel free to alert us to any errors in the comments!

With ChiliZ in #1 position, two 2017 raises managed to raise around $50 million with GameCredits/MobileGo hitting $53 million and item exchange WAX $46 million.

Next up came video streaming company Theta Labs with $37 million, mainly through VC equity. Enjin raised $35 million through its 2017 ICO.

Two more esports companies – Play2Live and Unikrn – raised $30 million apiece, while community play Refereum managed $28 million in early 2018.

Filling out the top 10 come Dmarket with $19 million, while The Abyss just completed its ICO, raising $15 million.

In total, that’s almost $360 million.

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  • Ric Moore

    Notably none of these are developers, they’re all tech companies. I question the incentive for any game dev to use any of these services.

    • Jon Jordan

      Agreed that the majority of these companies aren’t targeting game developers but the value of a platform like BitGuild is that it – hopefully – can provide audience scale, as well as an integrated marketplace between games and a shared token too.