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Over the past three months, it’s been interesting to see the growing significance of Ethereum L2 blockchain Arbitrum as a platform for gaming.

That’s something which has been further highlighted with the recent news that Singapore-based Mighty Bear Games is moving its Mighty Action Heroes game from Polygon to Arbitrum.

Indeed, it’s going one step further and joining up with the TreasureDAO gaming ecosystem, and adopting its MAGIC token.

That’s very good news for TreasureDAO, which in my opinion has been too focused on weird, indie on-chains games despite attempting to position itself as the ‘Nintendo of blockchain games’.

The fast adoption of these Ethereum-centric scaling solutions is a big positive for the overall Ethereum gaming ecosystem.

Jon Jordan

If nothing else, Mighty Action Heroes is designed to be a very accessible battle royale experience: something we’ll all be able to test from Friday when it enters its open beta.

And with the launch of additional infrastructure layers such as Arbitrum Nova — a lightweight version of Arbitrum that’s ideal for gaming — gaming on Arbitrum is increasingly not just about the dozen or so projects that are part of TreasureDAO.

For example, Pixel Vault recently announced that its long awaited BattlePlan! game and its Reboot protocol will also launch on Arbitrum Nova.

This creates an interesting technical tension given that Arbitrum uses Optimistic rollups, whereas Polygon — and partners such as Immutable — have nailed their colors to the more technically advanced and compute-heavy zk-rollups.

But either way, the fast adoption of these Ethereum-centric scaling solutions is a big positive for the overall Ethereum gaming ecosystem, both compared to non-EVM rivals such as Solana and Sui, and less technically-adaptive chains such as BNB.

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