Opera reveals new desktop browser with built-in Ethereum wallet

Opera is taking a positive approach towards Web 3.0

Based out of Norway, Opera has taken a positive approach towards dApps and digital wallets. We can certainly see this with ‘Reborn 3,’ its new browser equipped with the capability of directly accessing dApps.

While a surface reading would lead users to conclude that this puts Reborn 3 on a similar level as its counterparts. Opera provides a wide range of advantages for users, making the use of dApps seamless.

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It manages to do this through providing an in-built Ethereum wallet as opposed to requiring users to have a third party wallet like MetaMask or TrustWallet.

The added positive is that Reborn 3 can sync up to a users mobile device if they have the browser on their Android phone.

In doing so, users will never need to input a private key, dApps will only need verification through a users smartphone, according to the team.

“This means wallet keys never leave the users’ smartphones,” according to the company.

“In practice, whenever they need to identify themselves to a Web 3 website or sign a transaction on the blockchain, users get a notification on their smartphone. They can confirm it in the same way they unlock their system, using, for example, facial recognition or their fingerprint.”

Opera’s Reborn 3 offers a great deal of flexibility, including storage support for ERC20 and ERC721 tokens. While this version was announced back in July 2018, the team has also announced an in-built wallet solution for iOS users too.

Called ‘Opera Touch,’ the team has yet to provide a concrete date as to when users can expect this version, however.

For more information about the platform, visit the website.

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