Auctionity and Blockchain Cuties Universe to host a special live auction for Crypto Games Conference

Auctionity and Blockchain Cuties are bringing auctions to the virtual world

All of the thrills of an auction comes in live action and all the adrenaline of competing and winning. For Auctionity, this makes up the crux of its marketplace mechanics, and it aims to bring this to the Crypto Games Conference on April 25th.

To do this, the team has partnered up with Blockchain Cuties Universe to offer a very special NFT for this live auction.

The NFT, known as ‘Darta-Nyan’ is an exclusive Gen-0 Cutie that will only ever be available through this sale.

According to the Auctionity team, however much Darta-Nyan manages to raise, will be donated to the TeenGuru program.

TeenGuru is an initiative established by the startup hub – Imaguru in Minsk – which aims to empower teens and younger to get involved in the world of IT.

For more information about Auctionity, Blockchain Cuties Universe and the Crypto Games Conference, please visit their websites.

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