MixMarvel has partnered up with the NEO blockchain

MixMarvel intends to bring its series of games to NEO

MixMarvel has made its games readily available on a range of blockchain solutions. Among the latest is the NEO blockchain, which the company has secured a partnership with this week. This means that the developers series of games are now available on Ontology, Ethereum, TRON and NEO.

According to the team, much like its collaboration with TRON, MixMarvel will work with NEO in order to increase user participation. The most immediate positive for NEO users is that titles like HyperDragons and HyperSnakes will be available on the blockchain.

Along with these more immediate advantages for NEO, the MixMarvel team will be working with the chain to collaborate on a game and contents ecosystem.

While just how this ecosystem will take shape is yet to be fully disclosed, however. As a result, it’ll be worth keeping an attentive eye on the team

More partnerships

Meanwhile, the company has also managed to secure a partnership with VELIC Financial. Operating as an all-in-one financial solution, VELIC will likely provide an exchange and crypto-asset solution for the MixMarvel team.

It’s uncertain at this time just how this partnership will take shape, more information is on the way.

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