‘Boundless customization’ with Decentraland avatars

The virtual world of Decentraland just got more interesting

For those that were involved in the Battle Racers multiplayer beta, you’ll recall the kind of avatars commonly used.

These were the generic robot avatar used in order to try out the game within Decentraland.

But now the virtual reality platform is providing a lot more customization with the launch of its avatars.

In stark contrast to the placeholder skin, these avatars place a greater emphasis on customization and change.

Specifically, this is through the Decentraland Avatar Creator, which launches in tandem.

Along with a steadily expanding range of physical assets, the creator currently provides ‘dozens’ of different assets for the player-character to wear.

Players are also able to secure their chosen avatar and unique name by burning a small amount of MANA.

Early winners

For the moment, users can only register their interest through the website’s waiting list. But there’s every reason to register early instead of just waiting until its release.

Early creators of Decentraland avatars will also be entered into a lucky draw. A total of 50 users will be eligible to win a range of exclusive NFTs to deck out your digital avatar.

Check out these avatars on the Decentraland by visiting the site.

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