Forgotten Artifacts – a progress report

Along with its very recent introduction on the Enjin mainnet in late May, Forgotten Artifacts has made some changes. One of these being the introduction of Adventure Stones, which serve as digital keys to dungeons. It would seem a little paradoxical to have a dungeon game come with the requirement of keys, however.

Adventure Stones are a way to ensure the game remains balanced between players no matter the amount of hours they clock

But it’s a matter of balancing the game that the team has introduced these keys. Thanks, in large part, to the very assiduous user base, according to the team:

“There are some accounts which are looting 14–16 hours a day. This means most people are at a disadvantage because they can’t spend as much time.”

These stones don’t expire either, meaning that players can use them whenever they want. For any kind of dungeon that offers the spoils they’re after.

Forgotten Artifacts – Winners

Along with its introduction to the mainnet, Forgotten Artifacts. The team hosted a giveaway for those capable of obtaining the most tokens.

The first place winner being Satkan – having successfully raised 71 tokens during phase 1. Allowing him to name a Transcendent bow ‘VoidRipper.’

Krong’Oul’s Last End Conductor

During phase 2, the user Krong won with 57 tokens, naming the other NFT ‘Krong’Oul’s Last End Conductor.’

Find out more about the Stampede event winners right here.



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