Gumi Cryptos partners up with Ontology Foundation

Gumi Cryptos is steadily positioning itself to be a big name in the blockchain gaming world. More recently, the Gumi team has officially partnered up with the Ontology Foundation, the latter being behind the blockchain trust collaboration platform.

Ontology has secured a series of partnerships with the likes of Parity, along with being used by titles like HyperSnakes

The underlying objective of this partnership is to provide Ontology with easier access to the Japanese market.

While also making it easier for Japanese blockchain game developers to leverage Ontology with the support of Gumi.

Andy Ji, Ontology’s Co-founder, expressed a great degree of optimism about the new-found partnership.

“The partnership shows both gumi’s recognition of Ontology’s global strategy and its embrace of compliance and their support of our plan for blockchain and gaming.” Ji continues.

“We look forward to working with gumi to help upgrade traditional industries in Japan, solve their pain points, thus improving the digital economy in the country.”

Specifically, this relates to the kind of marketing and professional support that the Gumi team can provide to Ontology. Allowing the latter to get well acclimated as a bigger contender in the Asian blockchain market.

Double Jump.Tokyo and its parent company – DLE were recently part of a recent purchase by Gumi

Consequently, Gumi Cryptos has been striving to corner the blockchain gaming market in Japan.

Having recently invested in Double Jump.Tokyo this month. The company CEO, Hironao Kunimitsu, regards the partnership with Ontology as one that will only strengthen both:

“The strategic partnership with Ontology will strengthen gumi’s presence in the crypto industry globally and deepen our understanding of the services and products that are based on blockchain technology.” Kunimitsu continues

“We are honoured to be Ontology’s partner in Japan and look forward to more collaboration opportunities on Ontology’s Japan entry initiative, blockchain-related investments and expanding the ecosystem together.”

For greater context, some of the games that make use of Ontology includes Hypersnakes, Epic Dragons along with partnerships with Parity and the NEO Foundation back in May.

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