Chainbreakers introduces the community to its third quest area

Having successfully raised around $130,000 in investment through its crowdsale, Chainbreakers is introducing players to its new quest area. Being rolled out to the community in phases, players will be able to obtain quests, level up, complete and gain access to new quests with steadily increasing difficulty.

Its latest quest map is known as Deepwatch Outpost, and provides an interesting, desert-like aesthetic.

Being distributed across various LAND parcels on Decentraland gives players the opportunity to explore the various locales or fast travel.

“They will be deployed on different LAND parcels within Decentraland so the player can explore the metaverse while moving between them or by just using the teleport command provided by the Decentraland SDK for fast travel.” – Rene Schmidt.

According to the development team, the ChainBreakers team will be introducing these areas to players through its closed beta on July 19th.

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