DappRadar now tracks apps from Ontology Network

Consisting of more than 45 dApps, Ontology Network is the latest blockchain solution to be picked up by DappRadar. It makes sense, to an extent, that this would be the latest platform to be picked up by the team. Considering that it has undertaken a number of partnerships such as Parity and Gumi Cryptos.

Among those dApps featured on DappRadar, the analytics platform also features 22 games that are currently using Ontology.

The most popular of which being HyperSnakes and ONTLand, both of which bring in around $5.5-$14,000 in transactions. Ontology looks set to grow as a blockchain solution for game titles thanks to its high transaction rate and scalability solutions.

For more information about the inclusion of Ontology on DappRadar, visit the website.

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