Decentraland brings LAND to life with publishing onto the metaverse

From seeing the community explosively adopt digital avatars in-game. Decentraland has also introduced its community to the potential to ‘publish’ their plots of LAND as a spectacular follow-up to its scene builder.

So long as users have scenes that they’ve built, or have obtained the right permission by an owner to another player.

According to the development team, users can publish scenes so long as they have one of the following permissions:


  • An Owner: this is fairly self-explanatory
  • An Operator: you can manage a specific LAND from the owner
  • An OperatorForAll: you can manage any LAND from the owner
  • An UpdateOperator: you can just update content on a particular LAND
  • An UpdateManager: you can update content on any LAND from the owner

The ability to publish now offers users the ability to create their ideal scenes and add them to the Decentraland metaverse. One of the other interesting attributes about this publishing system is that it allows users to duplicate other scenes.

While this comes off as a relatively mundane element. It at least offers users a way to easily build from more established foundations.

Find out more about the Decentraland publishing mechanic right here.

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