Decentraland reveals its roadmap

Some of the intrigues that came with news coming from the Decentraland team was the mystery. This factor had the tendency of obfuscating questions like the launch date – with mystery comes a pleasant surprise.

Now, we and its supporters can get a firmer understanding of what’s in store with Decentraland’s newly published roadmap.

For those of you that have been keeping abreast of developments from the blockchain gaming world.

The chosen format will be interestingly similar to the ‘open kitchen’ structure set out by 8 Circuit Studios.

If it’s for the same reasoning as James Mayo and the team, then the Decentraland team wants transparency where its development roadmap used to be pretty secretive.

Among these upcoming features are a closed beta explorer and open one time-tabled for later on. For scene builders, the team is set to provide new building assets, even ones that players can create and add to the metaverse.

Be sure to check out the Decentraland Trello right here.

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