Mike Tyson on blockchain? WAX introduces autographed NFTs

A significant amount of the value that comes with the concept of WAX is what it does for assets. Both physical and digital, as an exchange, it dramatically empowers users with a greater degree of sovereignty. Or, as William Quigley put it – internationalized previously regionally exclusive markets.

FCFL will be taking place as an annual live-streamed competition – among which Tyson will compete

With that in mind, it stands to reason that the world of autographed collectables and blockchain would be a match made in heaven. We get to see this first hand with the introduction of collectables signed by the legendary Mike Tyson this week.

Specifically, this comes as part of the broader announcement that the former heavyweight would be the latest to join the Fan Controlled Football League (FCFL).

“FCFL has an exclusive, multi-year streaming broadcast agreement with Twitch, a live streaming video platform owned by a subsidiary of Amazon. Twitch will co-market the FCFL to its user base of over 120+ million monthly viewers.” According to the press release, regarding the introduction of Joe Montana as its Chief Strategic Officer.

“Using a custom Twitch Extension, the FCFL and Twitch have developed an interactive overlay for desktop and mobile, allowing fans to call the plays in real-time. The FCFL is the first professional sports league built on top of the Twitch platform.”

Among the items that the legendary Tyson has signed include match-worn and brand new boxing gloves, and an American football.

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