More strategic, more co-operative: first details of My Crypto Saga

Announced on 1 May, we”ve finally got a bit more information about Double Jump’s new game My Crypto Saga, which appears to be an extension of My Crypto Heroes but with more strategic and cooperative elements. 

According to the new mini site launched – and a message from CEO Hironobu Ueno – the game will be focused on PVP and guild combat as well as user-generated content. It will ditch pixel art. 

The main thrust will be building community and guilds as only those with Land NFTs in My Crypto Heroes (or the players they invite) will be able to play the game, at least in the beginning.

Characters from My Crypto Heroes can be used in the new game, but there will be a new unit type – called Kami – that are collected together in teams and (it seems) led by My Crypto Heroes‘ character.  

There will also be a new currency – Tomi – which is generated by the Kami you own. More Kami, more Tomi.  

It’s not clear if this will be a cryptocurrency or just a normal in-game currency like GUM in My Crypto Heroes. Probably it will be similar to GUM; significantly players will have to use GUM to buy into the first asset sale for Kami. 

Players will be able to bet and invest their Tomi in-game too – whatever that means. 

The final element of the game will be user generated content, which will see players creating battlegrounds using a map editor, and earning Kami for their work. 

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