Anyone can run a Theta node as Google Cloud joins enterprise program

Blockchain-based video delivery platform Theta Labs has announced that Google Cloud is now part of its Enterprise Validator Program. 

Other validators include Binance, Blockchain Ventures and Japanese gaming outfit Gumi

Google Cloud is now also Theta’s preferred partner for cloud deployment, enabling anyone to spin up a Theta validation node from its Google Cloud Marketplace.

Simultaneously, Theta has launched version 2.0 of its mainnet, which runs alongside its Guardian network. Both are available via Google Cloud Marketplace.

More generally, Theta is moving towards full decentralization of its blockchain’s security and governance, which runs the esports video channel. 

 “We’re impressed by Theta’s achievement in blockchain video and data delivery,” commented Google Cloud’s developer advocate Allen Day. 

“We look forward to participating as an enterprise validator and providing Google Cloud infrastructure in support of Theta’s long-term mission and future growth.”

You can find out more about Theta Labs and via the website.

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