Ultra integrates game streaming platform Theta Network

PC game distribution platform Ultra has announced a partnership with video streaming network Theta Network.

Both systems run on their own custom blockchains; Ultra uses the EOSIO SDK and Theta Network is own proprietary tech.

The deal will see Theta’s tech integrated within Ultra, enabling its users to earn tokens by streaming games or watching others streaming, as well as relaying streams by sharing their bandwidth. 

Such activity will be rewarded with Ultra’s UOS cryptocurrency and Theta’s TFUEL.

Both will be part of Ultra’s payment system allowing them to be used to purchase games and other virtual items such as in-game items and esport tournament tickets. 

As part of its launch later in 2020, Ultra will host exclusive esports tournaments, which will be streamed via Theta Network. 

You can find out more about Ultra via its website, and also sign up for the beta.

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