DappRadar to reveal $RADAR Token: December 14th

DappRadar is gearing up for step 1 of its migration towards becoming the ‘World dApp Store’, starting with its latest announcement – slated for December 14th.

It was only in recent months that the dApp discovery and analytics platform DappRadar announced its decision to pivot towards operating as a progressively decentralised dApp store for players. Now, the team is working towards the first step in this move, as it prepares to reveal more details about its on-platform token – $RADAR.

With the team’s platform encompassing over 8,000 dApps, the RADAR token operates as a utility token, while offering holders early access to industrial reports and rewards for deeper collaboration within the ecosystem.

For the time being, information is a little scarce, but we will be providing more information as it comes out – so stay tuned!

In the meantime, read the full announcement by the DappRadar team right here. Alternatively, be part of the live announcement as it happens on Somnium Space; specifically here.

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