Welcome To The Token-Powered Metaverse Escape Room

Hong Kong-based escape game company, LOST is launching the first metaverse escape room. LOST in Metaverse offers metaverse users the opportunity to earn rewards and learn while enjoying a virtual escape room experience. Lost in Metaverse debuts on May 15th, 2022.

LOST in Metaverse will include various adventure games accessible both online and offline. The games, which take inspiration from myths and historical and fictitious events, will reward players with metaverse tokens and NFTs for completing tasks. As players solve puzzles and progress through the storyline, they’ll find hints to help them escape.

Play, learn… and earn

The new metaverse escape room experience will also include a separate space for children between the ages of 6 to 14, LOST Junior. LOST Junior allows kids to learn science, social skills and storytelling while earning rewards.

“The whole concept of LOST in Metaverse is to create a play-to-learn, play-to-earn experience where players can form teams with friends online and solve mysteries together in the comfort of their homes,” says LOST founder Rick Woo. “Riding on this OMO (online merge offline) business model, we will explore and welcome cooperation with different partners to build their own branded escape rooms to raise awareness and market value. In the future, LOST looks forward to building a virtual world based on Web 3.0 and will be named as LOST Island – an ultimate game world of a gaming ecosystem with infinite possibility, defining the new GameFi.”

An explosion in gaming in the metaverse

While LOST in Metaverse may be the first metaverse escape room game, gaming in the metaverse isn’t a new concept. 2021 western, The Harder They Fall received a gaming metaverse adaptation in January. In a similar vein, WildLife Studios is expanding into Web3 gaming, starting with its flagship title, Castle Crush. After launching its metaverse game, Angelic, metaverse Game Studios raised $10 million from lead investors. Likewise, in March, GameFam raised $25 million to develop a gaming metaverse.

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