The Sandbox, Com2uS and others have launched a new venture – MetaWorld Entertainment

Following seed investments from The Sandbox, Com2uS, CRIT Ventures and Formless Capital, the coalition has announced the formation of a brand new venture – MetaWorld Entertainment.

As a metaverse company, some of its vital partners include The Sandbox and Com2uS, both bringing their collective expertise within multi-platform content and decentralised virtual gaming to get MetaWorld moving.

After making the announcement and participating in the investment round, Firefly Games CEO Michael Zhang described the web 3 vision behind MetaWorld as “the venue for entertainment in the new digital age. The metaverse is where audiences will play, engage, and interact with new levels of immersion, unlike anything we have seen before.”

Serving as the new venture’s CEO, added that: “We have the advantage of leveraging great technology and our know-how of creating engaging and meaningful experiences for people. This allows us to think more from the user’s perspective: what meaningful experiences can we bring to them and what value will this give them.”

Much akin to The Sandbox’s agnostic approach towards events and activities on its platform, MetaWorld Entertainment will function as an entertainment company that crosses many activities. Events from concerts, gatherings, and competitions, would all be made possible and available to the global market.

What’s more, MetaWorld will function as the developer and publisher of its experiences and games, giving players a highly immersive and unparalleled experience within the metaverse. Along with this, MetaWorld will also be leveraging the expertise and support of its key partners, including Agora to offer highly immersive, real-time audio.

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