Immutable and Polygon unite over zkEVM tech

Gaming-focused EVM scaling solutions Immutable and Polygon have announced a new strategic alliance with the aim of accelerating mass adoption of web3 gaming.

A key part of the announcement will see Immutable adopting Polygon’s new zero-knowledge technology to accelerate digital ownership for gamers worldwide.

This alliance simplifies decision-making for game studios and developers, which up-to-this-point have been choosing between Immutable X and Polygon as rival networks.

At the core of this relationship is Immutable zkEVM, a new EVM-compatible zk-rollup powered by Polygon, which offers full Immutable platform support. Building on Immutable zkEVM will make developing web3-enabled games faster, easier and less risky for large game studios and independent developers alike.

Previously Immutable used StarkWare’s StarkEx zk-rollup tech for its Immutable X chain. This option will still be available with Immutable zkEVM positioned as an additional option for developers, not a replacement.

In particular using Polygon’s zkEVM will also allow the Immutable and Polygon ecosystems to share NFT composability and combine token liquidity, making the result a win-win for both companies.

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