New Blankos Sirens character drops on 22nd March

Players and collectors of Blankos Block Party are gearing up for another Blankos NFT drop on Wednesday 22nd March, at 3pm PT, 22:00 UTC. The new character is called Sirens and has been designed by UK-based artist Jon-Paul Kaiser.

As with many of his previous Blankos characters, Sirens has traditional Japanese style features.

The Sirens NFT will be limited to 400 in total and will be available both in the web shop and in-game. The NFT will be priced at $19.99 or 2,000 Blankos Bucks.

Furthermore the mint will be accompanied by three accessories, also limited to 400 each. These include Sirens Song Wings, an anchor and the Seashell Circlet. 

  • Sirens Song Wings, 6.99 or 700 Bucks
  • Accursed Anchor, $2.99 or 300 Bucks
  • Seashell Circlet, $3.99 or 400 Bucks

At the same time as the drop, Blankos has announced that its season one starter bundle, featuring Kandie, will be leaving the game.

Blankos Block Party is an open-world multiplayer game that came out of early access in September 2022 with its marketplace live since 2021.

The game is published by Mythical Games, and is available on the Epic Games Store as well as to download on PC and Mac from the Blankos Block Party website.

Blankos Block Party
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