9Lives Arena joins Oasys’ HOME Verse

Double Jump.tokyo has announced that 1v1 PVP cross-platform fantasy combat game 9Lives Arena from US developer Stargazer has joined its HOME Verse. This is a layer 2 blockchain and discovery hub that’s built on top of the Oasys layer 1 protocol.

9Lives Arena sells itself as a high-intensity combat game with a permadeath mechanic, forcing the player to think strategically about their character’s equipment loadout and skillset. In addition, it also has fishing and treasure collection modes.

Other games already announced for HOME Verse include Dark Throne, Alkenome Monsters and Brave Frontier Heroes.

It’s an interesting decision for Stargazer given that 9Lives Arena has previously been announced for the Enjin ecosystem. HOME Verse seems to be the final move, however, as the game is already listed on the Epic Game Store with a Q4 2023 release date pencilled in and an alpha test in April.

Find out more at the 9Lives Arena website.

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