MetalCore rejoins Immutable using zkEVM tech

Despite deciding to move from Immutable to Polygon in 2022, US developer Studio 369 has now decided its open world mech shooter MetalCore is going to run on Immutable after all.

The decision appears to have been made in light of Immutable’s own decision to adopt Polygon’s new zkEVM scaling tech as its main blockchain scaling solution in the form of Immutable zkEVM.

ZkEVM is an Ethereum-based layer 2 blockchain which enables developers to create their own infrastructure, optimized for fast throughput and low gas fees but still backed with Ethereum mainnet security.

Other titles that have also signed up to use Immutable zkEVM include Shardbound and Infinity Victory.

In addition, MetalCore will use Immutable Passport, which is Immutable’s new system to onboard gamers without requiring them to create and manage complex crypto wallets.

Immutable Passport is due to launch in April, with the Immutable zkEVM testnet planned to go live during Q2 2023.

As for MetalCore, the Unreal Engine 4 game is currently in alpha testing with its vehicle, land and pilot NFTs expected in the coming months and its first 50v50 early access playtest due in Q3.

Find out more at the MetalCore website.

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