Rumble Racing Star’s Choi wants a party

Starting off his career in concept design for Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear, Beongryang Choi then moved to Nexon to become product director for Crazyracing KartRider. Today he is project director for blockchain lawnmower racing game Rumble Racing Star, developed by 4:33 Creative Lab’s web3 arm Delabs Games.

In a video recently published by Delabs, Choi shares some more details about the game. While he wanted to make a game that’s fun to play and unique at the same time, he wanted to create something that grandchildren and grandparents could play together.

“The biggest goal was to create an easy and fun game, which I believe is the characteristic and strength of Rumble Racing Star”, says Choi, while highlighting that he had paid special attention to characters, their skills, and the in-game items. 

Further Choi explains that Rumble Racing Star is not luck-based. ”You need to know the structure of the track well, the skills your character has and how to use them, and when and how to use the items obtained on the track.”

Getting into the web3 elements of the game, Choi points out that everyone in the team, including Delabs’ CEO Joonmo Kwon, had put a lot of thought and effort into studying web3. In the end, everyone involved concluded that web3 is about community. 

“We believe that the most important thing is for the community to have ownership and decision-making power. We are currently thinking about how to incorporate this into the game and actively developing related features,” says Choi.

In April 2023, the team launched its Delabs Adventure Pass, which effectively grants early access to the game, exclusive in-game items, NFT airdrops as well as benefits for other Delabs games. Two more titles are currently in development; space survival Space Frontier and apocalyptic survival game Meta Bolts.

So far, Rumble Racing Star has worked with PFP projects like y00ts and Goblintown. Choi hopes that more PFP projects will collaborate with Rumble Racing Star. “Since we are focusing on community-centered development, we are striving to align the game with the characteristics of a party game,” he adds, while emphasizing user participation.

As for the project’s roadmap, the team is looking forward to an open beta test in Q3 2023. Regular in-game events as well as seasonal events are also in the line up.

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