Blocklords airdrops 300,000 LRDS tokens and kicks off round two

PC strategy game Blocklords has recently airdropped 300,000 LRDS tokens among its players and NFT holders. 

Unveiled in January 2024, the Blocklords GameDrop will run continuously throughout 2024 and contains a total of 5 airdrop events, with the second one already live. This drop is geared toward players who own more than 5 NFTs and have successfully upgraded their Foreman House to level 8. Players eligible for this airdrop will share a total of 250,000 LRDS.

While this ERC20 token hasn’t been launched outside of the game yet, it’s got utility within the game. By staking LRDS tokens, players can generate in-game currency Influence. More particularly, it can be used to purchase in-game resources, bundles and NFTs. Players can also directly spend LRDS to acquire Influence at an initial ratio of 10 LRDS to 1,000 Influence.

As mentioned, LRDS is not live on any exchanges so can’t be acquired in any other way than through playing the game, with additional benefits for those owning NFTs. This aligns with the idea of building a strong ecosystem in the long term. To that end, the token is subject to a 10-year release plan